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Frisco Football Board Members

P.O. Box 2136
Frisco, TX 75034

The FFL does not have a physical location of business or phone number as it is a volunteer managed organization. E-mail is the best form of communication.  As volunteers, we typically can only respond after business hours during our free time, your patience is appreciated.

For General Information or if you aren't sure whom to contact:


President: Erin Hudson

Oversees the Board and the FFL


VP of FootballEric Reed

Assists the President in overseeing all aspects of the Football program and assumes responsibilities of President in his/her absence.


VP of Operations:  Jeff Howell

Manages & oversees the Registration Process, Creates the game schedules, Manages League-wide communications, assistance to team managers/coaches, coordinates team sponsorships and FFL Scholarships


Secretary: Jason Barker

Records the activities of the Board and maintains the league’s historic information. Serves as the Grievance Coordinator.


PR Director: Cassy Paredes

Manages the relationships between the FFL and the City of Frisco, FISD, Sports Council, USA Football and our other league partners. Manages the FFL Brand and Website. Handles all campaigns, social media components and graphic design.


Assistant PR Director: 

Assist the PR Director, Manages social media and graphic design, and manages the Website and End of Year Program.


Treasurer: Jamey McCurry

Financial officer


Director of Coaching Development: Eddie Jacob

Oversees coach training initiatives. Establish guidelines and programs to better enable volunteer coaches.


VP of Cheer: Nicki Gray

Oversees all aspects of cheer.


Cheer Coach Director Emilie Mundy

Oversees the cheer coaches. Responsible for training and certification of cheer coaches.


Tackle Director: Andrew McGrath

Manages the Tackle football program. Responsible for the training and certification of football coaches.



Assistant Tackle Director: 

Assists the Tackle Football Director in the managing of the Tackle Football program.


Rookie Tackle Director: Tony Ortiz

Manages the Rookie Tackle Program. Responsible for the training of all Rookie Tackle Coaches.


Flag Football Director: Adam Byrd

Manages the flag football program. Responsible for the training and certification of football coaches.


Assistant Flag Football Director: Tim Cagney

Assist the Flag Football Director in the managing of the Flag & Air Assault Program. 


Director of Equipment: Rick Russell

Manages the set up and tear down and maintenance of all FFL Game Fields. Also responsible for managing practice fields and all field equipment.


Merchandise DirectorRob Flanagan

Manages all aspects of FFL merchandise and equipment.