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COVID-19 Updates

July 23, 2020

The FFL Fall timeline has been adjusted slightly to line up with the new UIL calendar/guidelines. The Calendar has been updated on our website and was emailed to the league. We will be announcing our Return-To-Play guidelines soon!

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we pivot and respond to the constantly and rapidly changing situation with COVID-19. Please continue to follow our website and social media for updated information.

July 21, 2020

The FFL is aware that the UIL has just released a revised Calendar and guidelines for the 2020-2021 School Year, you can find that information here:

The Board is having an emergency meeting tonight to create a new fall timeline in order to align with the new guidelines. We will have more information for you as soon as possible!

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we pivot and respond to the constantly and rapidly changing situation with COVID-19. Please continue to follow our website and social media for updated information.

July 17, 2020

The FFL is aware of the changes to the FISD Calendar and we are working on a Return-to-Play Plan that we will be announcing soon. No final decisions have been made due to the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19 , however we plan to follow the FISD and UIL's lead on outdoor sports and we are still waiting to hear their recommendations.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this tumultuous time. Please continue to follow our website and social media for updated information.

May 20, 2020

In light of the governor's announcement about youth sports we are super excited to solidify some dates for the upcoming Fall FFL season. Here are the dates to keep in mind: The registration deadline is June 14, 2020. All football players, cheerleaders, and coaches must be registered and paid by this date in order to be placed on a team for the fall. Although we are happy to see things opening up, we've decided to play it safe this year. We will NOT be holding our annual FFL Combine event this year. Uniform fitting will be performed by team coaches, and equipment fitting will be done by the FFL Board at a date and time to be determined (likely in July).

This year's 5yo flag, 6yo flag, and tackle football draft will be held on June 20. The cheerleading draft will be held on June 27. The 7yo-11yo Air Assault draft will be held June 22-23. The drafts will be conducted virtually via Zoom. Coaches will be sent a separate email next week explaining how the draft process and jersey design will work this year.

We know you've been waiting things out, and we don't blame you. But if you are planning to participate in the FFL this fall, it's time to get registered and secure your spot in the league!

Updated Dates for the 2020 Season are on our Calendar and Listed on the Registration Page!

May 6, 2020

The FFL Board is committed to providing the best experience possible for your kid(s) and family.  We are working hard to make preparations for the 2020 Fall Football and Cheer season, keeping health and safety a priority. Details for this season, as well contingency plans, are being discussed. Several options for our pre-season activities including, but not limited to, holding an outdoor Combine, virtual fittings, and a Zoom draft. All options will adhere to social distancing requirements set by our city and/or state policies and procedures.

We will essentially be aligning with the school district. If the kids are in a regular (go in-person to class) school situation then we will be playing football. If school is delayed, we will delay our season.

Please rest assured that should the season be cancelled for any reason we WILL REFUND all registration fees.

In Summary:

  • We are planning to have a Fall 2020 Football Season to begin on time, the first game is scheduled for September 12, 2020.
  • We are following FISD’s lead.
  • If the Season is cancelled your registration fee WILL be REFUNDED.

To ensure our success, we need your registration commitment, as it will help us best determine timely season logistics - Teams per Division, uniform orders, etc. Scholarship applicants will need to register as well. Please reach out if you have any questions and we will be posting updates here as we have them.

Stay Safe

Updated Dates for the 2020 Season are on our Calendar and Listed on the Registration Page!

Facts & Questions


Question: Do board members get paid? 
 There are no paid board positions within the FFL. The FFL is a non-profit organization and relies soley on volunteers for all board positions, as well as director positions.

Question: Does the FFL have an office that I can go and talk to someone? 
 Because the FFL is solely run on volunteers, there is no office. If you need to contact someone, go to the "HOME" tab then FFL Board at the top of this page for e-mail addresses.



Please see our Registration Section for detailed information about Registration including fees, the process, and dates: /Registration.aspx

Question: When will registration begin/end? 
Answer: Online pre-registration will begin Mid March and end Early May. Pre-registration is for entering your child’s information into the system via the FFL website pre-registration link.  This is mandatory before attending the onsite registration at the high school (see calendar for location).  You may attend one of the two days of onsite registration anytime between 9am to 3pm, you may come and go. Onsite registration is for football skills evaluation, jersey/equipment fittings, equipment pickup in some instances, and cheerleading uniform fitting. The football skills evaluation is mandatory for all FFL football players – returning or new.

Question: There are 2 dates listed for onsite registration. Do I have to attend both days? 
Answer: No. Participants can attend 1 of the 2 days listed for onsite registration.

Question: What age can my child start participating in the FFL and up to what age? 
Answer: Participants start at age 5/Kindergarten as of September 1st and can play through 6th grade. The FFL does not accept 7th graders.

Question: If I live in another city other than Frisco, can my child participant in the FFL? 
 Participants must live within the City of Frisco or live within FISD to be eligible. However, if you are a non-city or non-FISD resident and would like your child to participant in the FFL, you MUST Appeal by contacting the Board for approval.

Question: Will there be football equipment for sale at registration? Do we have to buy from the FFL? What is the cost?
 The FFL does not furnish each player their equipment (i.e., helmets, shoulder pads, cleats, etc.) for the season. The FFL does sell shoulder pads and helmets as a convenience to the members during registration. These are optional purchases through the league. Pricing is as follows during registration. Note: THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON EQUIPMENT.

Warrior II Shoulder Pads (sizes 40,60,80,100) = $55 

Warrior II Shoulder Pads (sizes 130,150,170) = $65

Riddell Speed Helmet = $185

Riddell 360 Youth Helmet = $200

Riddell Flex Youth Helmet $275


Question: If I have more than 1 child participating in the FFL, is there a multi-child discount?
 Multi-child discounts apply to the registration fee at the onsite checkout.
3 Children = $30 4 Children = $40 5+ Children = $50

Question: What form of payment is accepted ? 
Answer: Visa and MasterCard.  Payment for registration is ONLINE ONLY, there are no payment plans, no post-dated checks. 

Question: Does my childs Birth Certificate need to be verified? 
 Yes, bring a copy of your childs Birth Certificate for the Checkout Volunteer to verify the DOB. If you did not bring it, please mail a COPY of the birth certificate no later than May 31st to, Frisco Football League PO Box 2136, Frisco, TX 75034.

Question: Are full or partial scholarships available if I cannot afford for my child to participate?                                                               Answer: Both. The FFL has partnered with an outside qualification service to evaluate families requesting scholarship assistance. Each family who applies for scholarship assistance are evaluated on a case by case basis. Once all scholarship requests have been evaluated, they provide a recommendation to the FFL Board of Directors as to what families get full, partial or denial of scholarship assistance based upon their independent evaluation. If awarded a full or partial scholarship, please note that this is only for the registration fee and does not include any equipment or team fees, these must be paid by the family.  These additional team fees are set by the teams Head Coach and paid directly to the team. Additional team fees cannot exceed: $75 for 5/6 Flag Football and Air Assault.  $125 for Tackle Football & Cheer


Question: Can I get a refund if something should change (i.e., my son/daughter change their mind or we move)?
Answer: Yes. Please note that refunds DO NOT include any tangible items (i.e., jerseys, cheer uniform, equipment, etc.). Refunds are as follows:

  • Before the Last Day of Onsite Registration – Refund of registration fee paid, minus a $30 processing fee
  • After the Last Day of Onsite Registration – no refunds

To request a refund, send an e-mail to the VP of Team Support

Question: Outside of the registration fee, are there any additional fees that may incur before or once the season begins?
Answer: Yes. For each child participating on a given team, additional costs should NOT exceed for the following:

  • $75 FLAG Football
  • $125 TACKLE Football
  • $125 CHEER

Each team is encouraged to establish a budget at the beginning of the season to ensure that excessive spending does not occur. Not included in the spending limits are snacks, team parties or fundraising. Any FFL fundraising done by the league is not mandatory. Items that may be included in the team budget are: 
· Game pants and socks
· Helmet decals
· Training equipment
· Award stickers
· Shoes, turtlenecks, cheer bags/buckets
· Run-through banners/spirit item materials
· Megaphones
· Cheer/Football gift exchange items
· Other team-related items

Question: Does the FFL register players by age or grade? Is there an appeal process?
Answer: The FFL registers players by age and uses a cutoff date of Sept. 1. In the event that parents want their son or daughter to play by grade, the parents may appeal to play according to grade. Click Here for the Appeals Process.  If no appeal request is on record, then the player will be placed according to their age as of Sept 1. 
Note: If a player has played in the FFL and has played by grade level previously, parent MUST notify the President that the player will still be playing on grade level, otherwise child will be placed according to their age.


Question: FOOTBALL -- Since I registered online, does my son have to attend Combine (skills evaluation) and equipment fitting?
Answer: Yes, all registrants (NEW AND RETURNING) are required to complete the Combine (skills evaluation) and equipment fitting every year. Registration is not complete until these items are completed.


Question: My child does NOT want to return to his/her former team/cheer squad, what are our choices? Can my child pick a different team/squad to play on for the upcoming season?
Answer: Participants who do not wish to return to their previous team/squad are placed in the draft pool. Players/Parents may NOT choose who they will play for in the upcoming season.

Question: If I register late or move in from out of town can I still be placed on a team?
Answer: The FFL compiles a waiting list of players that would like to play in our league, but for whatever reason have missed registration. These players are placed on teams based on number of players participating. For example, if there are 10 teams and 9 of those teams have 19 players and 1 team has 18 players we would have 1 spot available for a waiting list player. Waiting list players are not guaranteed spots on rosters until they are assigned by the Board. The waiting list is first come first serve and will be closed prior to the completion of the 1st game of the season.

Question: Why is there a difference in price between football and cheer?
 The cheer uniform is more expensive, cheerleaders also attend a cheer camp.

Question: CHEER -- Are cheer shoes included in the initial cost of registration/uniforms?
No, shoes are not included in the cheer registration fee. Shoes are ordered at the discretion of the cheer coach.

Question: CHEER -- Can my daughter register for a different squad than she was on last year?

Question: What should my child wear to registration for fittings?
CHEERLEADERS - wear bathing suits under clothing. FOOTBALL PLAYERS -- comfortable clothes, bring cleats for the skills evaluation process, but note that cleats are not required.







Question: Can my child return to his/her previous team/squad or does he/she get placed on a new team/squad every year?
Answer: All returning players wishing to return to their previous team/squad will be allowed to do so as long as they played on that team/squad the previous fall.




Question: I coached last year and plan on returning, do I have to register again as a coach?
Answer: Yes, each coach must re-register every year. This includes Head Coach and all Assistants.

Question: Can I be a cheer coach if I have never cheered before?


Question: I am the Head Coach and I will be out of town during Draft, can I send someone else in my place?
Answer: Yes, you may send one of your designated Assistant Coaches to the Draft in your place. The maximum number of coaches at the draft for each team is two (2).


Question: FOOTBALL -- A new kid moves in to town and I really want the child on my team. Can I designate the child's parent as one of my Assistant Coaches and have the child protected in the Draft?
Answer: No. Only the players that played on your team last year are protected.


Question: FOOTBALL -- I have a player that played on my team 2 years ago. He did not play in the FFL last year. Can he return to my team?
Answer: All players who did not participate in the FFL the previous year and wish to register for the current year will be placed in the Draft and will not be protected.


Question: Will I know prior to the last registration date which of my team members have elected to return to my team and if they completed skills evaluation (skills for football)?
Answer: The FFL does not provide this information until after all of registration is completed. It is up to each coach individually to be in contact with his team to ensure they complete registration and skills evaluation. Prior to the draft, the FFL will inform you which members of your team have elected to return.


Question: When is the draft and how will I know what team my child has been chosen by?
Answer: The FFL Draft typically follows 3 to 4 weeks after the final registration date. We ask that the coaches contact their players immediately after the draft. You may also log into your Sports Pilot account to see what team drafted your son.


Question: What happens if my child does not want to play for a team/squad he/she was drafted by?
Answer: Players are not allowed to choose who they play for. If you are drafted by a team/squad and do not want to play for that team, no refunds will be given. No changing of teams is allowed.


Question: As a coach, if my team is short on players due to injuries or players leaving the program, can I solicit new players from my neighborhood, school, etc., etc.?
Answer: No. All participants who register late must register through the league and will be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list is first come first serve and will be closed prior to the completion of the 1st game of the season.


Question: How do I sign up to be a coach? 
Answer: Send an e-mail to the VP of Football/VP of Cheer and complete a coaching application online during registration. The registration application includes a $30 fee. You will also be required to complete an interview with members of the FFL Board, complete the necessary certification process, and participate in the FFL coaches clinic in June.

Question: As a coach, do I have to accept all returning participants or can I put them on another team/squad? 
 No child can be denied by a coach if the child wants to return back to their previous team.





(for football players)


Question: What is skills evaluation?
Answer: The skills evaluation of the Frisco Football League is an event in which the athletes are tested in various speed, power and agility drills in order to determine physical prowess.


The information is objective and is used by the league to provide a basis to rank the athletes which in turn assists in our goal of providing parity in teams. This information, combined with DOB, height and weight is used by the coaches in their selection of players during the draft process.


The skills consist of the following:

30 Yard Dash with a 10 Yard Split – the 30 yard distance provides an objective measurement of overall linear speed. The 10 yard split indicates linear quickness and speed. These times are recorded electronically.


Pro Agility Shuttle – the “5-10-5 shuttle”, also called the “Pro Shuttle” is a measurement of explosive lateral movement and multiple changes or direction. It requires the athlete to have the ability to start, stop and achieve top speed all within a very short distance.

Shuttle Run-The test begins with the athlete straddling the center start/finish line. He starts from a lateral position, runs 5 yards in one direction, 10 yards the opposite direction, then back 5 yards through the start/finish line. He must touch the ground with his hand at each change of direction.

Standing Long Jump – the broad jump is a simple measure of an athlete’s lower extremity explosiveness. The athlete must propel himself laterally as well as vertically. The upper extremities, lower extremities and trunk must all work in unison, and all must contribute maximally to achieve a success jump. The board jump also requires skill and coordination.


Question: If one of my returning players fails to complete skills, what will their skill rating be?
Answer: Returning players who fail to skill will be rated a “1” for Draft purposes. We have made changes that require the skills evaluation to be completed before registration can be paid to try and alleviate this issue.


Question: My player is out of town on the dates for the skills evaluation. Is there another date he can complete this?
Answer: Possibly, a make-up date of skills is not a guarantee, it will depend on how many kids did not skill out. Historically, we have had one but again it is never a guarantee Time and Location TBD.






Question: How many practices a week are allowed for both the flag and tackle divisions?
Answer: For the Flag Division and Tackle Divisions, a maximum of 3 practices (Flag) and 4 practices (Tackle) per week are allowed until the season begins. After the season begins, Flag is limited to 2 times per week and tackle is limited to 3 times per week.


Question: When and where are practices, how many times per week and when do they begin?
Answer: FOOTBALL -- Practices are held up to 2 times per week for 5 and 6 year old flag football and up to 3 times per week for 7 to 12 year old tackle football. Each team is assigned a practice location and days of the week for practice. All FFL practice locations are shared by multiple FFL teams and other youth sports organizations in Frisco. Practices begin 2 weeks prior to the start of school and 3 weeks prior to the start of the regular season. CHEER -- Practices will vary by squad and is at the discretion of the head coach.


Question: When and where are the games played?
Answer: Games are played on Saturdays at various locations (i.e., Bacchus, Warren, North County, Shawnee, Frisco High School, Wakeland High School, Phillips).


Question: How many players/cheerleaders are on a team?
Answer: Numbers depend on the registration numbers. This number is not determined until after late registration.


Question: Do all football teams have cheerleaders?
Answer: Not all football teams have cheerleaders. This is due to the registration numbers of football players compared to the registration numbers of cheerleaders.


Question: When can our teams begin practice?
Answer: Practices start 4 weekends before the Season Starts.  See the FFL calendar for specific dates.  Any team practicing before then is in violation of our policies and subject to discipline by the league.


Question: How long is the season? How many games are played? Are there playoffs? Do all teams qualify for playoffs?
Answer: Practices for the season begins in August, games begin in early September and playoffs run through the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Every team plays an eight (8) game regular season. The top 8 Teams in each age division advance to a single elimination playoff format. Those not in the top 8 will play one consolation game during the first week of the playoffs.


Question: Is there a fundraiser or can my team raise money to offset team expenses?
Answer: The league does not do fundraising. Nor do we allow individual teams or squads to participate in fundraisers.


Question: Is there a Pro Bowl for football?
Answer: No.

Question: Does the FFL offer tackle or flag football in the Spring? 
Answer: No, the FFL only offers programs for football and cheer during the fall.